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Hi Maddy,

I’ve been using VoIP for over 4 years now and while there were quality issues in the beginning, it is now rare for us to have bad quality calls. I’ve used a couple of VoIP providers (for different reasons) and I’ve found that what makes a big difference is 1) broadband speed 2) VoIP provider and 3) device used.

When I started my business I lived in Bathurst NSW and 98% of my clients were based in Melbourne with the rest in the UK. I had a Melbourne DID and most thought I lived in Melbourne somewhere (have since moved there). I managed to reduce my phone bill from $500 – $600 for one phone line and my mobile down per month to $160 for one phone line, 10 DID’s and my mobile (iPhone) with data included per month.

Take the time to shop around and make sure you select a provider who is happy to take your calls when something isn’t working properly. You’ll also need to think about what happens when your internet is down. What happens to your calls then? (Mine are diverted to my mobile)

Choose a reliable VoIP device. I highly recommend the SNOM or Linksys brand. I’ve used both and not had problems.

Finally, keep an eye on your downloads. If the kids are youtubing or they’re downloading music, it will affect your call quality because they’re sucking up your bandwidth.

Good luck!