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Mitchell, post: 0 wrote:
One thing I find many people forget when planning an e-commerce site is to budget for search engine optimization and other marketing efforts. It can cost just as much, if not more than the building of the actual website to begin with.

Make sure you have a plan to get people to the site and to buy things. This costs money so add this to your budget so you know how many sales you will need to break even.

You might want to checkout some of the topics in other sections of the forum on search engine optimisation.


I agree SEO is a really important factor and many ‘shopping’ style carts don’t take this in to account which is why a shopping cart plugin for a content management based website can be a great idea.

I’ve worked in the past with Zen Cart – its an open source based shopping cart with different themes and plugins available. I’ve also used x-cart as well. Both have a bit of a learning curve though.