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yourvirtualboard, post: 44514 wrote:
Clarkey has most of it covered and at the risk of repetition or over simplifying things – people only buy for 2 reasons, these being want and need and if the people / businesses being marketed to have no need or want, then no matter how brilliant any marketing campaign you will have a poor result.

Another issue is that many people believe marketing = advertising and little else and I bet that if questioned some in the survey would say “we put an ad in xyz and didn’t get much response”, questioned further as to why they chose that medium, many would respond with “it’s what abc does or it was a good rate”. My experience of poor campaigns usually come down the fact that most people haven’t clearly worked out where their target market “hang out” or what offer would appeal or fulfil the needs / wants and then have a blanket approach in the hope of getting some response.

Think about marketing that has worked on you / your business – when a need or want meets an offer that appeals, sales usually follow.

Thanks for your input – wondering if you’ve had any specific experiences you can highlight?

It’s interesting because I would like to understand some of the situations small business owners face when it comes to marketing and why sometimes it doesn’t work…

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