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Clarkey, post: 44507 wrote:
Have you considered that your client is just someone who will ALWAYS ASK which is different to someone who ALWAYS EXPECTS a discount??

Rather than giving them away, if your price is your price and it is fair, then I’d definitely discuss with confidence why your quote / rate is right for them highlighting the benefits you will provide (avoid trashing potential opposition even if cheaper / inferior).

You may find that they are just testing you. ie money is better in their pocket than yours. But will still happily pay the quoted rate.

If you don’t ask, you can’t get a NO.

This goes both ways when buying or selling!!

My boss loves a deal, in fact he lives for the deal.
I’ve seen him both save himself many $$ just by asking for a better price. Similarly when selling we are told to never assume what the customer will pay, ask for the deal don’t discount until it is asked for!! (even then you can sometimes call their bluff….)

I had a previous boss who was like this too…..it was kinda annoying :) I reckon he wasted more time in wages than he ever saved.

The thing with creative work such as web dev is that the people who do it are not driven by money, but by doing a good job and giving the best to their clients :)

Asking for cheaper web design ALWAYS means asking for a crappier job. Most web designers don’t like doing crappy jobs. They hate it.

Thing is that anyone asking for a cheaper price doesn’t realise they are simultaneously asking for a crappier job. They will hence be a pain in the ass to deal with….