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Paul Serra
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I’m afraid Andrew is right, I too have heard of a soletrader who had a registered business name and a .com.au who traded for I think 6 or 7 years then a big company begun trading and obtained the trademark similar to their name.

If you think about it imagine all the money the soletrader spent on advertising, brand creation not to mention a flashy website and business cards etc he would of definitely spent in the thousands – then getting a letter or phone call from a big time solicitor telling you to cease using the name .

Its crazy I know, but a registered business name and domain are very very little protection. Speak to a trademark attorney OR you can check out the ipaustralia website and TM headstart much more cheaper than a trademark attorney. I was quoted approx $1300 for a basic trademark one class not even a logo and through TM headstart i paid in the range of $370 (in the final stages of registration currently) So I mean its better to protect your investment/business right? Good luck and make sure you get some decent advice before proceeding .