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kbrookes, post: 44549 wrote:
Hi Trent,

You’d probably need to give a little more info before any of us are able to properly quote.

While the features you’ve mentioned are certainly do-able, there’s a lot that’s left unsaid: for example, what are users uploading and what do you want done with the file once it’s on your server?

If it requires some kind of presentation, that’s a whole different kettle of fish than if you’re just wanting access to the files they upload.

We’ve got an online quote form on our site (link in sig). That might help you to structure your own thoughts about the needs of your site. The kind of information we’re asking for is what we generally need to be able to accurately quote.

Hi kbrookes,

Thanks for your reply, I’ll have a look at the link in your sig. Hopefully it will put me in the right direction. If I have any further questions I’ll contact you if that’s OK.

andrewr, cheers mate.

Sorry for the late replies everyone, I have limited internet access at the moment due to school commitments.

Thanks for all the replies, they are much appreciated,