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kbrookes, post: 45126 wrote:
Most designers would be willing to give you a certain amount of consultation. If you’re on Skype, I’d be happy to have a chat with you at some point. Or give me a call on my mobile: 0410 579 149 during business hours.

My first impression of Car Sellout was simply that it was incredibly ugly and that the unwieldy form in pride of place probably didn’t help usability.

I suspected that they might be scraping their content from other car sites, but it doesn’t appear to be the case.

Also, my quickie analysis shows me that they’ve got about 36 pageviews per user. They also seem to be spending nothing on AdWords and have some absolutely sensational SEO going, considering the calibre of the competition. #2 for ‘Prados’?

Interestingly, they get only a fraction of the number of pageviews that Carsales.com.au gets, but not much less than Drive.com.au.

The point is, they appear to be legit and despite being ugly as sin have put serious time into SEO. Their business model definitely revolves around getting paid to place ads and given they claim to be listing almost 30,000 cars at the moment, they must be doing ok.

Up late doing a school assignment, lol.

Sorry for being daft, but what are “AdWords”? SEO = Search Engine Optimisation? My site will definitely need an excellent search engine, also (if I want it to be successfull).

As I said, my site will be similar in layout to that (although I want mine to look a lot nicer and more inviting), but they only have one category of “Cars” broken into sub categories dependant on make, model, price range etc. I will need a few different categories broken down again into sub categories, so I guess I will need a lot of developement into SEO. Is this going to be a huge obstacle to overcome?

Thanks so much for the offer to call, once I’m sitting face to face with my father I might take you up on the offer. There is still loads for me to learn and take in before I waste your time with a phone call, I’d be asking too many questions haha.

I appreciate your help, mate.