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Melinda B
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kawasakirider, post: 45472 wrote:
“Who are the target market”: Anyone and everyone
No, your target market is not everyone. You’re setting yourself up for a fall right there. You can’t market to ‘everyone’ you need to know what their problems are and where you can reach them.

Even supermarkets don’t market to ‘anyone and everyone’

“What’s your USP”? The fact that I’ll be offering everything rolled into one (divided by aforementioned categories) in a user friendly way. Everything I plan to offer is related to each other and people that are interested in one are possibly interested in others.
That’s not a USP, that’s just getting in first. There needs to be a reason they would come to you. HOWEVER if you’re good then being first will be enough in the very beginning, but you’ll need to come up with a genuine USP pretty quickly.

“How are you going to market it?”: This is something I have yet to work out definitively. Marketing costs would hinder this, but I have thought of free outlets and advertising on forums related to my ideas for small fee’s (I have already contacted the admins and have been given the go ahead). How much are “AdWords” per word? I bet they are expensive, doubt I’ll have the resources to use them.
Narrow your target market down significantly and your marketing will be easier and more effective.

“What are your Key Performance Indicators that determine the success or failure of the site?” Each of my competitors are making tons of money, if I can roll everything into one, offer it for a cheaper price and gain clientelle I should be successful.
Can you really offer it for a cheaper price? Why do you want to? Cheaper isn’t usually a factor in having things sell. It may be a part of the decision, however service and support will play a big part in the buying decision too.

10gb per month with a few users and it is currently shaped, so I can’t access too much until next week.
Hehe, sounds like our household, only we have 25Gb and still go through it every month. If you’ve got a laptop try looking for free wifi in a library or Macca’s.