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Melinda B, post: 45499 wrote:
No, your target market is not everyone. You’re setting yourself up for a fall right there. You can’t market to ‘everyone’ you need to know what their problems are and where you can reach them.

Lol, I understand that. However I know that my idea has a constant never ending supply of customers and it’s inevitable that (if marketed correctly) I’ll have a ton of customers. What I meant by anyone and everyone is that age and gender aren’t factors.

That’s not a USP, that’s just getting in first. There needs to be a reason they would come to you. HOWEVER if you’re good then being first will be enough in the very beginning, but you’ll need to come up with a genuine USP pretty quickly.

They’ll come to me because what I am proposing has been done before and has been successful, but it has never been done in such a concise way that I propose to offer it. I’m not trying to be arrogant, it’s just that if I honestly answer these questions I will be giving my idea away and it HONESTLY hasn’t been done before.

Narrow your target market down significantly and your marketing will be easier and more effective.

Definitely will do this, hence marketing on forums specific to what I will be dealing with (I am already a long time member of a hell of a lot of them, and my idea will be meeting almost every members needs, and needs of the general public).

Can you really offer it for a cheaper price? Why do you want to? Cheaper isn’t usually a factor in having things sell. It may be a part of the decision, however service and support will play a big part in the buying decision too.

I definitely can offer it at a cheaper price, the other “competitors” don’t have the potential to have to same amount of customers that I will have, because there isn’t a sole competitor that deals in everything I want to deal in. I’ve looked at said competitors pricing, and I could definitly offer the same thing much cheaper, they are being greedy and still maintain thousands of customers. I believe I could gain more than that, because each of my competitors have thousands of customers ALONE, I am combining all of their elements into one.

Hehe, sounds like our household, only we have 25Gb and still go through it every month. If you’ve got a laptop try looking for free wifi in a library or Macca’s.

Haha, if only I had 25, I’m sure it would make things much easier. Horrid the amount ISP’s charge when you are in remote area’s.

Thanks for your advice, Melinda. I found it very helpful and have already thought about ways to refine my idea.

Cheers kbrookes, (regarding your reply after Melinda’s).