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Emroy, post: 44668 wrote:
Hmmm – Let me see if I got this right …

Your specifically asking us males, where we spend our time on the net… I’m not if these forums would be the best place to dispense that, err, kind of information ;)

hehe, in all seriousness, I think you might have a bit of trouble advertising your website around “family friendly” communities – Have you considered creating a G rated “filter” website that you can use to get your name out there?

– Jake

Hi Jake,

Is good to see I’m not the only one with a sense of humour on here :)

I understand you boys like to keep your “stuff” boys only, but it is hard when that is your market and you don’t have boy brain :)

Family friendly is definitely an issue. A while ago I posted a thread about the difficulties trying to market adult entertainment, as you generally get lumped in with porn.

Not sure how or if a G-rated filter website would work. On the website there is no explicit nudity. Even in the strippers gallery most you will see is a couple of nipples through see-through material. The other obstacle I see with g-rated is our name….XXXTC… how do you make xxx g-rated?

Maybe the new blog will help in the g-rated area.