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To answer the first question .. motorcycle forums, 4×4 websites, dream team (afl). I haven’t organised a bucks night, but have attended a couple in the past 12 months. first was a ‘pub crawl’ on a bus, so a bunch of country pubs. There was a request for ‘no strippers’ from the buck – which from my assessment if becoming the trend these days. Second one was a ‘night on the town’ type, that went to a bunch of over priced bars, and ended up at a ‘gentlemans establishment’.

As for online advertising, I like the idea of a blog/inforation website for bucks night ideas. You can promote your own services, make a second income channel by selling other advertising, and also make some contacts from businesses in the same market. It’s really just an investment in the time and effort to produce some good ideas on the website.