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Hi Fiona, I like the concept of your store, here is some feedback.


You have no products on the homepage so immediately your losing impact. I’d get either some “recently added” “hot sellers” or “specials” on to the home page straight away.

Second, you’ve got free gift wrapping and shipping plus live support, these are important customer service features which you’ve got hidden in tiny letters at the bottom. Part of making the sale online is making the user feel secure, make these points bigger to help gain their trust.

I also noticed that you’ve got some javascript that rotates getween a few different features when you click back / next. You might want to consider making this auto rotate as a way of getting a lot more exposure on your products. I didn’t immediately realise there was more content to be seen.

Once you get past the homepage the rest of the site is actually quite good, simple, clean and organised.