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FS Concierge, post: 44692 wrote:
Hi m2nb

Welcome to Flying Solo! (Apologies for the impersonal hello though… you forgot to tell us your name!)

I’ll keep out of the discussion about contracting vs. wages etc as that is not my area of expertise, but wanted to let you know that I think it’s great that you’re looking for a solution to this gap in your service offering before you open.

In a previous life I was involved with a very busy beauty spa, and can tell you that their bread and butter (the bulk of the daily turnover) came from waxing. Furthermore, because clients need their waxing done on a regular basis, it provided a good opportunity for staff to develop relationships with them, which in turn meant they were able to up-sell them to other services and products.

My understanding is that this is consistent with the experiences of other businesses in that industry, so it does seem worth your while to find a way to incorporate it into your offering, and to make sure that you’re deriving some income from it. Given your prospective clients are asking the question before you open, it seems there is a definite market for waxing in your region.

If you’ve still got some time on your hands until your premises are available, do you have the option of using that time to get your own waxing skills up to scratch?

My concern for you is that if clients need to go somewhere else to get their waxing done they may not come back to you.

All the best to you for your new venture by the way – your enthusiasm really comes across in your posts, and I’m sure your business will be very popular.

Best wishes,

thank you Jayne!!

by the way my name is Alyce =)

you raised some very good points, i may need to do what you said and just bite the bullet and do it myself i passed my waxing i know the procedure so i guess i just need practise..

i would have a couple of weeks to get my skills up to scratch and also hunt around for some more supplies for the waxing on what i have left in my budget (eekk!) do you think that it would still be effective if i offer some waxing services such as facial waxing (which ive been asked about the most) and letting my clients know that i will be offering more waxing services at a later date? or would that scare my clients away also? no one in the town really offers these services at the moment since they have all moved away which means people are having to travel 45kms just to get these beauty services done! in saying that though it sounds like i may have some competition later on as someone else is also trying to start a beauty business

i am very excited about this and will do anything i need to, to make it work =)