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Hi John

I completely agree with Andrew’s summary of things to look out for. I would also add the word ‘availability’ to factor number 1. I wrote a post about the ‘Must Ask’ questions when considering a new accountant only yesterday, if of interest – http://fletchertaxaccountants.com.au/small-business-tax-blog/2010/07/questions-for-accountant/

Another thing to note is that there are different sized accountant firms for different clients. Some accountants deal with big banks, insurance companies etc whilst others with SME’s and some with just individuals. It is important to find the fit that suits you and your needs.

Price is important but often becomes secondary to quality, relief and peace of mind you achieve as a result of the whole process.

If I were you, I would talk to 2 or 3 accountants and see where your business fits best. If you get embarrassed about asking the ‘silly’ questions which matter to you – then chances are you are in the wrong office!


P.S In regard to price – most accountants will provide a band as estimate for your work, after they have seen your current data and/or last years Return.