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Hi Wag,

Have you got google analytics installed? It’s important to constantly monitor where your traffic is coming from, how long they are staying, what pages they are looking at etc. I revise my traffic every few weeks.

With this information you will be able to work out what your website isn’t providing.

1st: If you have a high bounce rate, then your website isn’t grabbing enough attention or looks cheap or too much text, or too complicated. (I don’t think this will be the issue, as it looks quite nice, bright colours etc).

2nd: Check your traffic sources. Maybe people are hitting your website from keywords that aren’t really specific to your products? So they might not be looking for your products when they hit your site, so they move on.

Also, note this traffic isn’t a bad thing, maybe think of a way of keeping this traffic interested in your site, or generating even more of this traffic to boost your page rank (visibility in search engines). Maybe provide specific content

3rd: Go through your adwords – keywords with a fine tooth comb. Remove anything that isn’t directly related to your services (in combination with the traffic sources, keyword checking tool). You don’t want to pay for traffic that isn’t looking for your services.

Let me know if I have been too techy here, as this is my first attempt at trying to help answer such a question.