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Hi John,

I relise there is an awful lot more to selling than just listing on a web page. My main question is that how to you get those messages across if the brands are unknown etc ?

As for the terms of trade well that is a legal matter of point.

These products are unique and the concept of my store is unique. They are farm gate products.

JohnW, post: 44728 wrote:
Hi Wag,

There is an awful lot more to selling a product than simply listing it on a web page. You need to think like a visitor to your website.

The brand is unknown, the manufacturer is unknown, the product performance is unknown as is the quality.

Then your terms of trade tell the visitor you are not responsible for any… “accuracy, suitability, quality, or completeness of any content or goods…”.

And you want them to hand over money to you?

I don’t think you have given people enough reasons to buy.