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Thanks for having a quick look at my website. I did think that the check out process may be one problem and I can look into a simpler check out or softer registration process with my techies.

I did’t think of the personal aspect of the website. As I work from home when developing the site I was concerned that privacy of my home, but I can add photos of myself.

My conversion rate is lower than normal, not sure what the number is but I know that it is not high.

Cheers Alex

altima, post: 44748 wrote:
Hi Wag,

when you install Google Analytic define goal page (I guess that it will be a kind of ‘Thank you for your purchase’) page and you will see, on what stage you are loosing customers.

One of possibility (after very quick look) is your mandatory registration before you can make a purchase. I have not tried actually to proceed further than checkout page, but at least it is perceived that way. Many people hate it and prefer simple check-out.

You may offer ‘soft’ registration (at very final stage offer client to save her profile in site database).

I would also think about some lack of credibility (mailbox at contact page, 1-300 number, that as many people know can be forwarded everywhere, no family name, photosof business owner) may make some people suspicious.

Agree with DavidThomas regarding traffic sources point, it affect conversion rate greatly.

BTW, what is your current rate?