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I have had a look at your site and I really like the concept and the website – its clean and fresh and you have some good buttons linking through your site. Why do you want to change it??

The only real suggestions I can come up with are:

Maybe add a FAQ section with questions about conditions and what products you would recommend, e.g. my dogs coat is really dull, what can i do to make it shiny?

I would add a couple more ready made hampers to your product list – maybe something around the $40-$50 mark, as people will often think to spend around the $50 mark for a present. These would make great pressies for dog lovers.

Have you thought about doing a email newsletter, this would be a great way to communicate with your customers? Maybe use some of the FAQ questions as subjects for it.

I’m thinking alot of pet owners love to show off photos off their” babies” – maybe this could be something you could do on Facebook, for a bit of interaction with your customers?

Thats about all i can come up for now…….if I had a dog i would definetely be stopping by your shop for my supplies.