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Hi Kim,

Congratulations, your site looks really good. Love it.

Looking on Google, the meta description of your website doesn’t make any reference to the word dog. Perhaps reword it and make your site more clickable. How about “Ensure your dog feels and looks healthy. Our quality range of handmade soaps, shampoos…’

The header of your website looks great. It’s warm and friendly, without being too comical. It does take up quite a large section of the screen through – forcing users to scroll down.

The initial white text on the red background is slightly difficult to read, as the text doesn’t have much weight, nor does it have a high contrast to the red. Just my view.

You have a horizontal banner saying ‘would you like to receive your goods in a doggy hamper’? This header could perhaps be reworded to something with a bit more positive energy, such as ‘And Get Your Hand Made Doggy Hamper’. Including a pic of your cartoon dog looking on approvingly would also be a nice touch (not to play creative). Making this picture clickable and directing it to a further explanation about the offer may also add value. Also, you claim this basket is $30, but it’s also available for purchase in your online store for $10

Perhaps add a ‘popular products’ section. This helps lead people make purchase choices when they’re not sure what they want.

You may like to test the position of the ‘check out our shampoos/conditioners’. It may be better to showcase category pictures (shampoos/conditioners/soaps/what’s new), rather than showing the latest products first.

Have you got a picture of yourself with your dogs? Include this in your About page to give you a more personal link.

The link in your link section doesn’t appear to have an obvious connection to your business.

Agree that you need a FAQ section. Including a returns policy and estimated delivery dates.

Love Michelle’s comment about the hamper. Look to bundle products together and give a bit of a discount or free delivery for orders over $X.

Good luck,