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CreativeDevelop has made a great suggestion and it’s certainly something worth looking into.

You can’t afford to be overwhelmed by rules. Starting a food business at home with domestic facilities is largely not okay and is fraught with headaches (ie if someone gets food poisoning from your product). It is one of the most difficult businesses to get up and running in this day and age. There are several standards your food must achieve before it is allowed to be sold in a commercial setting and, to that end, this cannot be done from a domestic kitchen. The same applies to other products from a non commercial farm – milk and meat, for example, must be processed to a standard costing $$$$. These standards are governed by legislation. Then you have the compulsory quality assurance standards…I’m not even going to go there. But if you’re dairy or sheep farmers, you’ll already be aware of this.

I don’t mean to be a party pooper. I went through all this setting up my business! :)

Some people circumvent all of the above by selling at market but I’ve also witnessed inspections by govt. bodies at various markets and these people are hit heavily. To my mind (and wallet) it’s just not worth the risk.

Before you even think of setting up a premises, you really need to research the ground rules first and work your way from there via a business plan.

Good luck.

PS. I am a food professional with experience in industry and was prevented from starting my business at home due to legislative restraints which I’ve referred to above. I took on a lawyer and accountant to assist me with set up to ensure that I adhered to all specified guidelines. These days you can’t even make soap at home. You have to register with NICNAS and they have to approve you. Annoying but true.