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Oh Vanessa – I know how you feel.

I don’t give yellow pages any business due to many of my clients having such a bad time and also getting no results.

Yes it does work for some people although with so many other affordable options out there now you should really consider its value.

All the best!

VanessaCaputo, post: 44937 wrote:
Has anyone experienced any nightmares with yellowpages??

They keep getting my ads wrong, website not linking after numerous conversations with them, changes not made even 2 months after I have returned proofs to them etc etc, showing I specialise in Probate law when I actually specialise in Property/Business Law.

It seems to be never ending, they are driving me insane and keep billing me!!

This morning I sent an email to the person apparently looking after me (as no response by phone) and asked them to stop the whole thing and requested a refund. Have’nt got a response as yet!