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Scott Brown
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Hi all,

many thanks for your responses.

Kelsey, I’m running Joomla 1.5.15. I have looked at running two CMS’s but agree that it is preferred to have it centralised under one. As Arthur mentioned, it is simply the SEO perspective that is the killer. Does the blog CMS’s mentioned have accessibility to the website, allowing succinct SEO?

Where I *think* I am going wrong (and I’ll reaffirm I am a true novice when it comes to all this), is that I can create the blog title in Category Manager, but then cannot seem to be able to find the way to link it back to the Article Manager. I know I have to select a menu from the created category, yet I’m uncertain where to locate the ‘select a menu’ option from CM. I pretty sure I can get it going from there, but it is overcoming this issue that is hamfisting my efforts.

Jake, agree that I like the look of WordPress, but how can it be incorporated into the website, allowing SEO, effectively? I cannot at the moment see a possible correlation.

Once again, many thanks for your information and advice.

– Scott…