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Hi Scott,

There would be no SEO hit for using WordPress in a subdomain of your site.

You would simply install it into the subdirectory /blog and create an external link in Joomla’s menu manager. WP has far better out of the box SEO URLs than Joomla, so you shouldn’t be concerned on that score.

Before we go any further however: upgrade your site to 1.5.20 now. Vital security vulnerabilities exist – I had a site of mine on 1.5.17 launched for only a few weeks and hacked this week. It’s been fine since the upgrade.

I think I know where you’re going wrong.

Create your blog section and any categories that you want to use to organise the types of posts you’ll make to the blog.

Create articles, assigning them to the blog section and whatever category is appropriate.

To make it all work like a blog, simply create a menu item from the menu manager, a ‘Section blog layout’ and link it to the blog section.

Set any parameters for how you want the blog to function on this menu, publish, and you’re good to go.

Any articles you publish in a category within the blog section will automatically appear on the page you’ve created using the menu manager.

I would also then install sh404SEF or Artio JoomSEF and get your SEF URLs happening.

Let me know if that makes sense.