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We do broadcast video production work. These are jobs for media PR companies who have been hired to handle/promote companies’ products or services for them. They then hire us to work on behalf of them for their client.

There is NO WAY my clients would pay a 20% deposit. Most of them are large corporations who just don’t operate like that. They wouldn’t have the time to worry themselves with it and they (being in the media and PR business) know that there is every chance the project they are handling for THEIR client could be canceled before it even starts. It’s not their doing that the jobs are indeed canceled, that is not our gripe. The gripe is that we have refused other work because of their booking.

Let’s face it: my client would probably bill their client for the late cancelation; I mean they have mush more at risk than what we do, being a big PR firm…

My thoughts are that they should be charged the rate we have quoted them for the day. No post-production fees, just for what we have missed out on by taking their job and not being able to work for someone else because of it.