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In terms of business cards, I think your prices appear fine as a retail product, but it’s hard to say (as others have pointed out) because although your stock weights etc are there it’s hard to find.

Business cards are a pretty tough business to be in compared to almost any form of other offset printing, due to the way the industry is structured (I’m sure you and Emroy know who I mean by QTP or CJK for example – to everyone else I’m not letting out trade secrets and googling it won’t help you!), which means you have to sell on service, quality and relationships, something Emroy does very well.

With your business, the biggest problem I see you have is your website – and not sure if i’m correct but you look like the same person who had a “green printing” website which had the same issue. Basically it’s a really weird and bad mix of fixed and variable width. What I mean by this is on my large screen the website is so wide it’s unreadable without moving my head side to side, let if I try to resize the window smaller (presuming it’s a fluid width site) half of the boxes get cut off as they don’t flow.

So what I’m saying by this, is that unless you want to start doing business cards for around the $60 / 1000 or less and not make any money, you need to sell customers on real or perceived superior quality not just price – ie give consumers the confidence that they are buying a quality product, without them having the benefit of actually touching or feeling it. Jake (Emroy’s) site does this despite the fact it could do with a few more images, whereas yours does not. Knowing what I do about printing I suspect your cards actually are pretty good quality, but I just don’t get that impression from your website.

Hope this helps