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Stan_Simmons, post: 45307 wrote:
Thanks to all for your replies.

My expectations are realistic, so I am not expecting roses, however, its handy to get your comments and replies.

My personal lead centre of experience is with business coaching, mergers, JV’s etc.

This is probably trivial, but do any of you know what attracts / turns off clients from a consultancy? (beside their obvious expectation that you will burn their cash)

Thanks again

I don’t mean to sound facetious or flippant, but the answer to your “trivial” (not!) question is “You”. (Not you, personally…)

If clients don’t “like” “trust” you, they rarely do business with you, and if they do, they’ll most likely be “those clients” you wish you’d never worked with!

Also, networking allows you to shine in the presence of your potential clients and they get to interact with you, and the great thing is you get to practice your “spiel” about your business.

So, get out there and ask people how you can help them :-)

And as long as your fees are “reasonable” and you can demonstrate why you charge what you charge (that fulfills the needs of your clients), then the fee won’t be an issue (nor will “burning through their cash”!)

Terri Mitchell
The Profit Frog