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Flash does have it’s place on the web and will always be around.

A true Web/Flash developer will build a HTML version with their full Flash site.
And A lot of them do, it’s just the handful of people who don’t understand the concept of Flash just build a useless Flash website and the same thing goes for people who don’t build useless HTML/CSS website.

I would rather have a Flash website then a poorly made HTML/CSS website.

The internet goes through trends, the days of Websites with long animation and transitions are over. We want our content to appear instantly and to display on our phones.

All this talk about HTML5/CSS3 & Javascript replacing Flash is just silly, it’s not that we don’t want Flash, it’s because we don’t want to wait for the content.

But keeping on topic.

Websites don’t need to be optimise to display on the iPhone and iPad they should be able to display the website as they would on a computer.
Except for Flash content of course, If you have a Flash menu or have a Flash splash page then your in trouble. I never understood why people have Flash menu or Flash Splash Page.

As consumers we don’t care how we get it, we are just happy as long as we have it.