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ANZ has quite a reasonable deal with eGate (which is powered by MIGS) that also includes the merchant account.

With eWay, you get the gateway but you have to also get a merchant account from a bank.

Together, this can be a moderately expensive exercise, but it’s just that little bit cheaper doing it through ANZ.

I’ve used a few gateways, generally prefer eWay – just good customer service – but they’re all much of a muchness these days.

As Nawor said, I don’t think the average punter will have an awareness of any specific ecommerce gateway brand – as long as there’s indications of security and the secure session lock appears on their browser.

I disagree however that paypal is a good solution. It’s good if you’re just starting out and you’re a very small enterprise. However it’s a significantly larger number of hoops to jump through for the client to get their payment processed, including being taken away from your site.

Extra clicks means abandoned carts.

It can often lead to a poor user experience – again, abandoned carts.

That’s my main reasoning, but take it with a grain of salt as I loathe PayPal to the core of my being and prefer not to work with them on general principles.