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John Debrincat
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Nisha , post: 45133 wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I can’t seem to find an answer to this question so am sorry if it’s already been asked. I need a payment gateway for my e-commerce site and have noticed that alot of banks have now started providing their own payment gateways combined with their merchant accounts. Has anyone used one of these? ANZ has one called e-gate, commonwealth bank has one called CommWeb etc. Although these work out slightly cheaper than getting a separate payent gateway, I tend to think people would rather see the ‘eway’ or ‘securepay’ logo as it is reassuring and people know it is safe.

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The basic issue is that once you do the integration on your website using the bank provided gateway you are locked into that bank. eWAY and SecurePay support many banks and so allow you to change without technical issues. The direct bank support for SMEs is also sometimes less than good which is another key difference. We would only ever recommend direct bank gateway integration to larger merchants.

On the PayPal issue, and I can see there have been some negatives posted, you just need to remember that there are a lot of people that don’t have credit cards. PayPal represents around 50% of online payments in Australia. Now used by larger merchants like Dick Smith and Woolworths to cover specific demographics. The PayPal Express Checkout is a good service that works and can help improve basket conversion. PayPal does have an Australian Financial Services license and is a regulated financial institution.

Again we would always recommend that you have multiple payment methods on a website i.e. credit card, PayPal, phone, direct as choice will also improve conversions.

All the best