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Thanks for the responses all.

I recently released CustomerCradle, a web service that makes it easy to record and report on this kind of information.

I am finding it interesting talking to business operators (so far mostly travel agents, fitness businesses and printing companies). Everyone agrees that recording where people heard about the business and how efficiently they are being converted into paying customer is very important.

But I would say only 20% actually do record this information in a regular systematic fashion.

I think there is going to be a new wave of tools to allow ‘fact based management’. Primarily because these kind of statistics are so easily recorded by online businesses, eventually offline businesses will come to see the power and expect the same level of insight / analysis.

Sounds like everyone so far has a good system in place but I am happy to offer a complementary CustomerCradle subscription to any FlyingSoloers who think it might be useful.

Sam Howley

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We record ours in ACT!, a CRM tool.

Every business should be doing this, even if it is in a spreadsheet. I tell all my clients they should measure every cent spent on marketing to know what works and what doesn’t. It’s a quick question, and you need to make it easy for your staff to capture.