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Thanks Guys,

Would you believe about 20 minutes after posting this, I got my refund…but they sent it to the wrong paypal account…lol, so they’re trying…Unfortunately I reckon this is going to lead to another 10 phone calls spaced out over a week or two.

The ozripoff site has the sound of a crazy groaning man on the home page…it looks interesting as a lunch time read but I don’t think it would be effective to prevent bad operators from operating. I think social media would be most effective.

The thing with on-line trading is you find it by searching, unless the bad stuff comes up in Google then it doesn’t get seen by the purchasing public…..

Much of Internet commerce is price driven and service levels count for naught. A dollar cheaper will get you the business, before after sales service will :)

One thing I have learned though is that with pay pal you get 45 days to raise a dispute. In retrospect I should have raised a dispute immediately, sent back the incorrectly picked goods without an RA and have been done with it.

Oh well, it’s clear they are trying despite being incompetent so I will just accept it and learn my lesson.

Thank you