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I personally do not believe AdWords is like any other form of advertising with the exception of the Content Network (now known as the Display Network) which as you say you have already opted out of.

Search marketing is quite unlike traditional advertising, its all about meeting the customer with a need at the time he is searching for the solution to his need, very different to traditional display advertising which is largely about branding and/or impulse purchase.

If you are seeing an increase in clicks without a corresponding increase in sales then there is likely something wrong with those new clicks! A less targeted keyword or a keyword that means different things to different people perhaps.

If you are seeing the same clicks but a drop in sales then there is likely either a new continuity problem on your site (lead processing), a seasonal factor at play, a normal stats fluctuation or a new competitor with a better offer getting all the sales!

Bear in mind that in some niches traffic can be relatively stable while actual orders bunch up into one season. Its common with say carpentry services doing decks and pergolas for example. People look for what they want all year but tend to actually order during better weather.

Search marketing is not at all as sensitive to ads going stale, this because the searcher for thingummies today is for the most part a different individual to the person searching last week. He is not seeing the same ads over and over again so ad blindness is rarely an issue.

If you have tracked conversions you should be able to identify the problem fairly quickly as long as you are looking at search query reports and not just the keywords in your keyword list. Running A/B ads and A/B landing pages will help you get the most out of your traffic only after you have identified the right keywords.

Good luck with it :)