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Its called salary sacrifice…to your business and you hope that one day, when you’re ready to sell it, you will reap the rewards. We don’t take a huge salary from our company, just enough to pay the mortgage, buy the food, pay the bills and renovate when needed. We actually downsized to a smaller house with bigger external storage and office space……..makes cleaning quicker and easier, the business can’t “move” indoors as there isn’t enough room and you really are forced out to work every day.

Managing on less really isn’t that hard if you decide what your priorities are and how much you really need. I also belong to another forum that has heaps of cost cutting and super saver tips. It helps when trying to work out what you really can live on.

I was passionate about what I was doing before starting the company, 10 or so years on that passion has slightly waned although I just love selling and seeing the turnover increase. Lifestyle wise, it is very hard sometimes to take a break and your business can become very consuming. Booking time out in the diary is an absolute must for your sanity and the sanity of your family.