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I would love to hear how you are going and what you are doing to get clients.


Hi Lisa
There is a good thread here somewhere about finding new clients – most suggest establishing a relationship with a tax accountant, and/or writing and calling local businesses. I am also thinking of advertising in local school and sports club newsletters, and generally just passing the word around.

I am working as an employee at 2 part time jobs at the moment, and am intending to approach the owner of one of the businesses to ask him if I could move from employee to contractor. It would mean a big increase in the $ per hour he’s paying me, but I plan to sell it to him as a saving in terms of Super, annual leave etc. I’m hoping he will be my first client!

I have just attended a free seminar today run by the Industrial Relations Dept – it was about the new Fair Work Act that came into effect earlier this year. The ATO also run free seminars, and these are a good place to meet small business owners and other bookkeepers. Its also a good selling point that you are keeping up to date with legislation and reporting requirements. Both the ATO and OIR have good websites, and you can subscribe to there e-newsletters.

I still haven’t taken out PI insurance – have you looked into this?

Am going to try and research the different bookkeeping associations, and will let you know what I find out. The AAT website is ok, but the forums are not very active, and I think that although its quite a bit cheaper, one of the others might be better in terms of the support and networking they offer. Thats just a hunch at the moment. I’ll add you to my friends list (just the 1!!!) so I don’t lose your contact details.

Good luck with the course – how are you finding it? I struggled with the homework a bit, but it all came togeteher evenually.