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Guy. E
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DavidM, post: 45443 wrote:
Hi Guy,

2. Things that you could improve to build my confidence in the site:
i. I see the repeated ‘tradesman’ headings at the top as spam, which comes across as amateurish

Hi David,

Thanks for your advice.

In regards to the headings at the top, this is purely for SEO purposes.

DavidM, post: 45443 wrote:
ii. Having an add for free fuel and videos in such a prominent spot devalues your website. It shows you’re not single minded about solving the tradesman need

I selected those 2 ads purely for the following reasons;
-Tradies love DVD’s, so why not?
-Free Fuel Vouchers – what tradesman would say no? They’re constantly driving!

DavidM, post: 45443 wrote:
iii. Personally, I’m not a fan of your colour scheme. Green to me doesn’t say reliable tradie. It says ‘insurance’

The reason for the green colour scheme is purely for simplicity and easy on the eyes, not everyone has 20/20 eye sight :)

DavidM, post: 45443 wrote:
iv. There’s probably a better alternative than having folder icons for your states

Yes, you’re right – will look into updating these shortly

DavidM, post: 45443 wrote:
v. Is your primary purpose to appeal to tradies or customers looking for tradies? Currently it looks like your appealing more to tradies. As a customer I’m not sure what to do

For the time being, i’m looking for it to appeal to tradies. There isn’t much point trying to get consumers to go there without any listings? ;)

And for the rest of the points that you mentioned, I will look into fixing them up a little more, mainly more detail.