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Melinda B
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perla, post: 45559 wrote:
I’ve been told that blogs that listed with places like blogger.com or wordpress.com will not receive a good ranking comparing to self-hosted blogs like wordpress.org. Is that true?
Yes, very true. Links to these blogs are credited to Blogger or WordPress, not your domain.

Should I be looking into having a wordpress.org blog rather than blogger?
YES!!! I would start it on your domain that you intend to use for your ecommerce site.

And when you’ve got your ecommerce site up it should be easy enough for your web developer to integrate the blog into the site. So all your links will then be pointing to your main website and you’ve got the SEO headstart you were looking for

I’d done a bit of a blogging with wordpress.org before and it can be a bit hard to set up in the beginning for people with limited html/css knowledge like myself.
Really? What were you doing in the CSS/HTML? The only time you would be in the css etc is if you’re customising the theme and look of the site. If you don’t know what you’re doing then you really should let a web designer handle that, or learn it first! *grin*

In all seriousness, WP is easy. Grab yourself a copy of http://wpblogsites.com/order-now/#order which will give you the basics. It’s written for WP2.7 but still valid. This book is my WP bible!