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Melinda, I just ordered the book that you recommended. I really look forward to reading it! I seriously need to learn the basics of WP and definitely I will try to not fix the css as best as I can (last time I ended up spend days on it and had no clue what I was doing). It’s just not that easy to find that one template that have all the things that you want :)

Mexham, thank you for chiming in! I will start blogging v soon!

Ok so now I run into a dilemma (might be a silly one, again). I already have a brand but the www. brand. com is already taken while www. brand.com. au is still available. Because I think it’d be better to have a consistency across two domain names so I’m thinking to use www. brandbags .com and .com.au (my products are bags). But doesn’t it sound odd to have a blog with the http://www.brandbags .com without having products up for sale? Or should I blog under a somewhat similar domain name (for example http://www.brand007 .com) for now and once the eshop is up then I direct the other domain names to this one? Would it work this way? I hope I’m not making it sounds confusing.