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Hi Mihad,

I think you’d get some more indepth feedback about your site if you posted it in the ‘review’ section. But just quickly, You have 12 pages listed on your navigation. This is way too many. If I was looking for a reason to choose you and your prices, I wouldn’t know where to look. Don’t make it difficult for the user.

Your pricing seems to be a little complicated. You’re offering 3 hours for each session, why not make that a standard price and then give the user the option of mixing and matching frames or packaging if they like.

MAli, post: 45578 wrote:
I think I have reasons that make my business stand out vs. others. I’m willing to go to the extra mile.

Saying that isn’t a point of difference. Arguably all businesses are willing to go the extra mile. You need to demonstrate examples of superior service.

Be careful with the wording saying ‘3 hours of my time’, comes across as a little haughty, like you’re doing them a favour. Emphasise the free part. Pepper it with testimonials and add some sort of satisfaction guarantee. Don’t be nervous about this. In all your times in dealing with clients have you got the job done in 3 hours? If yes, then you shouldn’t have a worry about offering the guarantee.

Add a ‘why choose me’-like paragraph above the pricing as people may not read the points listed in your FAQ.

You also need a bit of SEO. And the shopping cart on the side is a bit confusing. All in all, you’ve got the content and I don’t doubt you’re a good writer, you’d just benefit from showcasing your services more effectively.