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Melinda B
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CarolineHughes, post: 45662 wrote:
But I need customers to see the value in the tool, so perhaps I need to provide some more information up front in terms of general guidance, so that companies can get more of a feel as to whether they could be eligible or not.

However, it really is as broad as I have made out. As per my landing page, if you are creating new or improved products, devices, services, processes or materials, then these programs are very likely for you.
Could you include a dot point list such as:

“During this year or last, if you:
– created a new product
-researched how to improve your customer service
– blah blah blah
– blah blah blah

If you did any of these then there’s a very good chance that you’re eligible for these grants. Click here for your next step”

Can customers get their money back if they go through the program and find they’re not eligible? Not if they put in a grant and it gets rejected, just if they’re not able to apply? That would probably encourage more people to try it as it’s lessening the risk for them.