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kbrookes, post: 45685 wrote:
Hi Caroline,

That’s exactly what I meant, thanks for listening.

I feel like I needed a little more guidance on whether I was eligible prior to purchase.

I’m definitely a potential customer here, so this sort of info is of interest to me.

Thanks Kelsey, this is definitely valuable feedback. I will update the site to include more examples of eligible companies and projects. There are still plenty of other eligibility issues to make my tool worthwhile.
One other value I could highlight from my eligibility tool is that even if you find you are not eligible for some reason, often it doesn’t take much to change things to make yourself eligible. ie if you are not a company structure, you can register to make yourself a company to be able to claim.

I would love to help you to be able to make a claim. Perhaps if you could message me with your project I could also give you some guidance on eligibility.