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Melinda B
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Hehehehe, here’s a thought for your sales page:

You can do this yourself without spending $59 on our software. Here’s what you do:

– download this from the ATO (10 minutes)

– check the eligibility criteria here (1-2 hours)

– check this (1 hour)

– check that (1 hour)

– read this legislation and make sure you fit into this this and this (3-4 hours)

– fill out this form (2 hours)

– etc etc etc

OR! You could simply put your details into our software, we’ll let you know immediately if you’re eligible and we’ll help you submit the forms. We’ve done all the hard work and interpretation of legislation for you.

Our service frees you up to focus on what you do best – running your business, while we do what we do best – get great results for you.