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Re: Website Message clear or not? More feedback welcomed…


Thanks for all feedback.
I have aimed to apply it as needed and think I’ve tamed down that ugly salesy-hyped up presentation.

Quite a surgical cut actually – so I’ll need to key word the new content.

I made changes primarily to the home page and the pages under Small Business Marketing.

I can’t change the page images or style, so I am sorry if the gaudy colours, images or layout don’t work for you.
I have changed the font, the colours and size, and most importantly the content.
And amount of text on each page; No big long pages, just shorter and to the point, I hope.

Please let me know if the changes are improvements, or if I missed something or anything to add…

And – about fees: I don’t have my fees on the site.
It is hard to include scalable fees – and why they are scalable..
I don’t know the most appropriate place to put them unless I make the fees a downloadable .pdf.

Your thoughts?

Thank you.
Terri Mitchell