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iown, post: 75672 wrote:
I used to design ecommerce sites in Zencart but changed to Presta Shop because Zencart is being updated very slowly if at all. Presta Shop is a very comprehensive ecommerce sollution. It is far more SEO friendly and has more design options than most of its competitors. The Presta Shop forum is friendly the only downside is being a French product it does need a little Australian configeration. I have found it to be stable and it has a good sales conversion rate.
The version just released has a one page checkout and it works with most payment gateways. All in all I believe Presta Shop is the best open source ecommerce sollution.
Cheers Keith

Just wondering how you dealt with shipping by postcode… I Haven’t found any modules that seem to work with shipping costs by Item to postcode?
In shipping furniture each item is bulky so its hard to manage shipping by item. Have you found any solutions for this? Oh and btw the shop is at http://www.cheapestfurniturestores.com (hopefully live by the time ya’ll check this out)