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I’m quite embarrassed to be posting such a delayed response to my own thread, but I really wanted to thank the last few commenters for their posts. Life got crazy hectic and I’ve neglected a few things – sorry!

Thank you Kelsey for your detailed comments regarding browser compatability, I appreciate that. I have not had the time to look extensively into fixing these issues yet but will get on it now that things are a bit quieter.

Thanks Nevenka and Mark for the positive feedback on the design :).

Thanks for suggesting the website screenshot links Nevenka, I have implemented that.

I did survive the run Mark and there’s a photo of me with my medal to prove it! It was a lot of fun. I have added a link on my website to my blog, which apart from including a link in my email signatures around the web is pretty much all I’ve done to drive traffic there at the moment.

Apologies again for the late response!!

Thanks :)