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In my business “Marketing Web” I also ask for payments up front and haven’t had a single problem yet from my “boutique” (which means small) client base. I plan to continue this way for the foreseeable future.

However, from other roles in business outside of the “solo” world, I’ve learn that it’s unfortunately not realistic to think all businesses of all sizes in all industries can operate this way.

If you are in business to business sales and servicing ongoing customers of a significant size accounts are simply expected. Especially for products where people expect to be buying from a “business” or “company” as opposed to a “freelancer” or “small independent”, asking cash up front all the time is almost impossible.

For many here as soloists who are freelancers, consultants, online retailers and the like as I am, the above may not apply yet, but there always is the danger of losing some really quality sales no matter your size if you view clients who will pay upfront as “good” and client’s who won’t as “bad”

Obviously the original poster’s client DOES fall into the “bad” category – these points are referring to replies stating always ask for money up front not the original problem.