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the entertainer
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KarenC, post: 47958 wrote:
Hi Chris – my husband knows cinema inside out having run a country cinema for over 43 years. To show DVDs you have to pay rights to the Film Distributors. It’s not just film rights. You also have to pay APRA for music rights etc. and it gets complicated as the Film Distributors take percentages of all takings. But if you contact me privately, (PM me and give me your email and phone contact – just click on my name and you’ll see the PM link), I can give you some contacts as we know most of the Film Distributors in Australia.
It’s also a good idea to join the Independent Cinemas Association http://www.independentcinemas.com.au/ where you can get lots of information as a member.

There were once some government grants to help people in far out Australia set up properly. I’m not sure if they still exist, but they are worth investigating.

Hi Karen.
I am in the same position as Chris (hope it is working out for you Chris!) to wanting to do exactly the same idea being in a rural area in WA. The only difference is that we are hoping to get an industrial block ( which overlooks the bush and ocean :)) to run it from with an open air shed and deck chairs etc, plus dress up themes to go with the movies and dance sessions/skits before the movie as i will be teaching dance classes also from here, and to incorporate a bit of country feel that you won’t get in the city. Same idea also to do it just once or twice a week through peak season and once in the off seson maybe.I wasn’t after the latest movies but ones like grease, blazing saddles, older musicals and comedies. I would love to find out where about to get costings to play these movies plus music rights and where to get the movies I would greatly appreciate your help as to how to do the film side of it. We want to do it as a fun thing so will change our ideas if it proves to just be paying out money to others all the time without seeing any ourselves? I would really appreciate your feed back ,and Chris also if you read this, and let me know how it is all going for you. Hope to hear from you soon! Happy dayz, Kathy :)