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Tim Reid
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johnpaulgrant, post: 48374 wrote:
I thought your name was familiar! I am sure I listen to your podcast just can’t put your name to the right one (i listen to a lot) … is it Small Business Big Marketing?

So my top marketing initiative is simply creating content on a consistent basis. This allows me to get decent search engine rankings (could always be better) … my background is in SEO and PPC so naturally these two channels are where I gain the most business.

I am in the virtual assistant / outsourcing industry.

Good job on the podcast timbo! Love it!

Thanks for the feedback on the podcast John.

Content creation is a great idea…a concept not understood by enough soloists. I particularly love the creative aspect of creating content as you really can go for gold and create highly valuable, useful information that can seriously engage your prospects.

Do you just crrate content for your own site or do you syndicate it out? If so, where to?

And speaking of content, I’d love it if you left a written review on iTunes for the show ;0)