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Tim Reid
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Steve_Minshall, post: 48665 wrote:
Thanks, and you’re welcome.

The following is one of the most important marketing ideas I heard and unfortunately I do not know who to credit with it but I will pass it on.

Image a scene in Antarctica where you have thousands of penguins as far as the eye can see. They all look identical and it would be impossible to single out an individual. But what if you put a pointy pink hat on one of them? A couple of dollars for a pink hat and everyone can see the individual penguin. The moral of this tale is always to be looking for your own pink hat. It shows standing out does not have to be expensive it just needs to be different. And when all the other penguins get pink hats be ready with your step ladder, or flag, or helium balloon. Don’t look at what all the other penguins are doing work out what they are not doing.

So what is your pink hat?

(This is different to having a USP which is about the uniqueness of your product, this is about what you do to get noticed)

Steve, this concept you mention is based on Seth Godin’s book Purple Cow…I do like the penguin analogy though!