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Tim Reid, post: 48687 wrote:
Hey, thanks for the kind feedback Mike and in particular referring clients to the show. Feel free to leave a written iTunes review if you haven’t already. Maybe even blog about it ;0)

On more important business, do you actively encourage word-of-mouth? Or do you just wait for it to happen? If it’s the latter then I reckon you (and all soloists) should actively turn WOM in to a referral strategy whereby you are asking past and present clients for warn intros. Most people are only too happy to do so if your work has been good.

There’s my two-bobs worth.

PS Set me up with an affiliate link and help promote the blog side of things.

Already done both mate ;-)

We encourage word of mouth, whether it be a little mention of word of mouth in conversation or an email sent asking for feedback and word of mouth spread. We figure (and it seems you do) if you do a great job people will WANT to talk about you so we’re 100% comfortable with politely suggesting passing on the word.

I’ll shoot you an email in regards to the blog stuff.

Anyone else like to share something that they have tried lately that’s worked well for you?