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seocourse, post: 48646 wrote:
Lol Mike.
Chill.. in fact I love Corn and Carrots

Building a public network of link building is like the Seagulls in Finding Nemo… mine.. mine… making a clear noice to google to recognize a patern in link building.


Creating one way link posted to another site, and creating reciprocal links for sure may help … but just a tiny bit.


You are sharing the link juice in a page full of links where google recognizes that the links are just in one “link” page that for sure will have zero page rank to pass..

You may want to create a network for link building. I think that’s fine. I belong to a lot of paid networks… but I use it knowing the risks.

You mention that google can’t crawled all the links pointing to a site?
mmm google doesn’t need to crawled each link… they just need to do a link building pattern.

Google doesn’t flag a site for the amount of links you link building but for the % of the speed you link building.

so one day you build 3 links, the next day you join the flyingSolo link building farm and you get fantastic 3471 links. mmm may be that will break the link building pattern?

Will you get any benefit? mmm may be…

Is it worth to the risk as a long term strategy? : mmm I doubt.

Just my 2 cents…


WTF ….. What does any of the above have to do with the subject? Take the blinkers off mate – this has NOTHING – ZILCH – NYET to do with SEO or Google.

It has to do with people (members) with a common goal (to learn and improve and share) who congregate in here from time to time sharing each others resources as they wish or wish not, freely. SIMPLE. What happens after that is the individuals business, not yours, not mine, not FS.

There was a principal here – business people sharing business tools (assests) freely to gain a benefit whilst also providing one to others – it just so happened the tool was urls / links.

Figure this – what is it that just about everyone in here has as a tool in common with everyone else that they could share other than urls / links ………… ????? opinion, advice, knowledge, ideas ….. all good but all intangible ……. the only other think I can think of would be the computer they use to type in here when they visit.

It is not about links / websites / seo – it is about sharing business tools.


p.s. see the reason for editing = error – the whole idea was an error :) – Gabriel, the SeaGull thing – kidding right – Google is a bunch of ever changing algorithms, it wouldn’t know a seagull if it fell over one.